Sunday, November 10, 2013

how to get first 1000 subscribers on your new blog

Subscriber for every new blog is the back bone of his success.  Through which he deal with community and build the blog with community. The main problem new blogger are face how we get subscriber for his new blog. So now I will help on this to get 1000 subscriber on new blog.
Here is my formula I used on my new sites.

 Writes a unique guest post
First you have to write Guest post on popular blogger in your industry related, then you should  write related guest post on your blog ( don’t use same article on your blog )  then ask for  a link as a follow to your blog. 

Social media Sharing
Share your guest post on social media and wait & watch. If someone shares your guest post, they mostly share your blog post or blog. So try to build up relation with them. Because they will help you in future to make your words visible to other in their community.

Build your Email List

 Create an opt in page then link to page in the byline . when you write a guest post. Don’t link to your homepage. Link to an Opt in page and offer visitor an incentive to join your email list. So you will get more subscribers. So make this practice on weekly basis until you don’t get desire result. 

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